The purpose of this Whistleblowing Policy is to allow dealer and members of the public to disclose any unethical, questionable practices or improper conduct committed or about to be committed within IOCANDO SDN. BHD. (hereinafter referred to as iOCANDO). The disclosures shall be treated in strict confidence and without any risk of reprisal.

  1. Definition
    • Whistleblower means any person, a dealer, or a member of the public, who makes a disclosure of any improper conduct concerning the iOCANDO.
    • Whistleblowing means the voluntary action by Whistleblower to disclose inappropriate, unethical, or unlawful behaviour and practices by the management, employees, or dealers.
    • Goods refer to all kind of products distributed under iOCANDO



Any irregularity or improper conduct, committed or about to be committed, including but NOT limited to the following:

  • Selling the Goods to the public at a price other than the price provided by iOCANDO.
  • Providing incorrect/ inaccurate/ wrong/ mislead information and description of the Goods provided and prescribed by iOCANDO without prior written consent from iOCANDO.
  • Conducting any promotion of the Goods distributed by iOCANDO outside the promotion period provided by iOCANDO without consent from iOCANDO.
  • Using the trademark registered by iOCANDO in any other products other than the products distributed by iOCANDO.
  • Conducting any act that will tarnish and affect the reputation of iOCANDO by whatever means.



    • To report any improper conduct that has been committed or is ongoing or will be committed; the Whistleblower is encouraged to report the improper conduct through the Whistleblowing Form.
    • The Whistleblower is responsible for ensuring that the disclosure is made in good faith, free from malicious intent, and not for personal gains.
    • The Whistleblower is responsible for providing accurate evidence in the Whistleblowing Form.
    • The Whistleblower may be asked to provide further clarifications and information from time to time.
    • However, if the reports are found made with malicious intent, misleading or not true, disciplinary or other action can be taken against the Whistleblower.


    • Unless it is required by the law or with the consent of Whistleblower, otherwise, the identity and personal information of the Whistleblower will be strictly confidential.
    • iOCANDO will take all reasonable steps to protect Whistleblower against any harassment, retaliation, victimization, and recrimination arising from making the disclosure.
    • The protection will be removed if it is found that the Whistleblower was also involved in the improper conduct or the Whistleblower is found to have disclosed in bad faith.